My first place trophies from January (round 1) to May (round 5) 2023

My first place trophies from round 6 and 7 of the championship, AIM 1st place trophies and "O" plate trophy* (overall winner) in the centre, which took place on 3rd and 4th June 2023. 

*AIM is a charity set up to help autistic people to get into motorsport, (Autism In Motorsport).

The "O" Plate is awarded to the driver with the most points over the two days of racing to commemorate Ollie Card who became unwell in 2019 and sadly passed away. It gives the winning driver the right to run the number zero for the year instead of in my case number 62.

Championship presentation 2023 Rotax Mini Max

2023 Rotax Mini Max trophies

1x Championship trophy

1x '0' plate trophy

2x AIM first place trophies

8x first place trophies

3x second place trophies